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Redstone Resort Course Review

Redstone Resort is located in Rossland, British Columbia the golf course has been around since the early 1920’s when it was a 9 hole course. The original course was designed by Reg Stone who was the local golf pro and won the British Columbia curling championship several times in the 1940’s. The course was redesigned to include another 18 holes in 2008 by well know Canadian architect Les Furber who received his training under Rees Jones. The course was redone to incorporate new holes and the newest holes where carved out of the valley to the west of the original course. The course has great views of the surrounding area and is set on the mountainside trees. The first 9 holes are fairly flat and the terrain hasn’t changed since the 1920’s. The back 9 is more hilly and set in on the side of a mountain giving holes a very unique mountain feel synonymous with the area.  The clubhouse has a very rustic feeling to it as it has log framing to it built in the 1940’s. The original course was part of the Rossland -Trail Country and as a junior I won my first golf tournament at the original 9 hole layout. I always enjoyed playing here and there used to be two of the toughest par 3’s. The first was a down hill 230 yd hole which has a very small green of less than 2000 sq ft. The second hole was only 135 yds but steeply uphill so much in fact that it had a rope tow on it that you could grab and let it pull you along up to the top.

Hole Descriptions

1st Hole – 441 yds – Par 4

The first hole has not bee changed a whole lot from the original opening par 5 hole. Les Furber has added some bunkers on the right side of the fairway and moved the green to the bottom of the hill making it a par 4.  A good tee shot on this hole is just left of the bunkers giving you a good angle of attack on the second shot. Your second shot depending on how far you drive goes is downhill to the left to a green guarded by 3 bunkers located at the left, right and back of the green. The green surface itself if large and round in the front and tightens up in the back half.

Redstone Resort 1st Tee Redstone Resort 1st Green






2nd Hole – 493 yds – Par 5

The second hole hasn’t changed much from the original design except a new green was created at the green and fairway and green side bunkers where added. This is a straight forward par 5 that is reachable with a good drive and second shot. A drive down the middle is good, the green can be approached from anywhere on the fairway. The second shot for the longer hitters going for the green must be take at the left side of the green as there is a bunker covering the right side that you might not see from the fairway. The third shot into the green here is straightforward you just have to avoid the bunkers back left and front right. The green surface itself has a minimal undulation.

Redstone Resort 2nd Tee Redstone Resort 2nd FairwayRedstone Resort 2nd Green





3rd Hole – 163 yds Par 3

This downhill par 3 in general plays one club less than the distance on the scorecard. The hole has 4 bunkers surrounding it and has a nice little runway area if you shot comes up short and left. You can play right at the hole there are not tricks on this hole. The green surface is for the most part flat with minimal undulation.

Redstone Resort 3rd Tee Redstone Resort 3rd Green






4th Hole – 526 yds Par 5

This hole is reachable in two for the longer hitters, your tee shot here must be played right of the fairway bunkers on the left side of the landing zone. The tee shot plays slightly uphill so a high ball here is optimal. The second shot for the longer hitters has to carry to over a valley and onto the green in order to reach, its not possible to run a shot up here as a result of the steep hill. The second shot for most people must be played between the last pine tree on the left side of the fairway and the cart path right. The third shot can be played uphill to a green or from the upper fairway. The green surface for the most part is flat with the front portion sloping towards the steep hill.

Redstone Resort 4th TeeRedstone Resort 4th Fairway Redstone Resort 4th Green





5th Hole – 238 yds Par 3

This is a long downhill par 3 to a green that is elevated from the fairway. Your tee shot here should favor the right side of the green here as the left has a steep slope running down towards the trees below. The front and back of the green also have slopes with similar elevation that effects shots. The front of the hole does have a good sized fairway if your ball doesn’t make the green which allows for a pitch shot back onto the green. The green surface is fairly large in the back portion and has minimal elevation change and a small area in the front portion that slopes towards the front of the green.

Redstone Resort 5th Tee Redstone Resort 5th Green





6th Hole – 425 yds – Par 4

This hole hasn’t changed much since I played it as a junior except for the green has been redone and more room has been added around the green, it used to be the old 7th hole hole for those who played it before the redesign.  Your drive here is hit over a big dip to a wide fairway, a good tee shot here is between the trees left and the tall trees on the right side. The second shot into the green is fairly easy there is a good amount of room here to put your ball onto the green as long as you can avoid the bunker right. The green surface here has a bit of elevation in the corners but overall its very putt-able where ever your ball ends up.

Redstone Resort  6th Tee Redstone Resort 6th FairwayRedstone Resort  6th Green





7th Hole – 186 yds Par 3

This is one of the more demanding par 3’s at Redstone Resort, your tee shot has to be close to the green or you run the chance of your ball ending up in a very precarious position left and right. Tee shots to the left may bounce towards the right if your lucky enough to get a good bounce. The green here is fairly large and good will find the green more often than not.  The two bunkers on the right or more in play than the bunker behind the hole. The green surface here is small at the front of the green and opens up at the back.

Redstone Resort 7th Tee Redstone Resort 7th Green






8th Hole – 569 yds – Par 5

This tree lined hole is a straight away par 5 that plays as a 3 shot par 5 for the great majority of players. Your drive here must be placed between the two fairway bunkers at the landing zone off the tee. The second shot must play short of the water around 80 yds from the green or for the more aggressive players they can hug the bunker on the right and challenge the water. The third shot must be carried over the small pond that fronts the green. The bunkers at the green are in play with any wayward shots and should be avoided if possible. The green surface is large for a par 5 and has good bit of rolling terrain on it depending on where your ball ends up.

Redstone Resort 8th Tee Redstone Resort 8th FairwayRedstone Redstone 8th Green





9th Hole – 359 yds – Par 4

A short par 4 that is visually demanding off the tee. You don’t need a driver here in order to have a short club into green. A shot around 200 yds or more will set you up with shorter iron into this green, the fairway is a good 50 yds wide here although not looking like it from the tee. Your aim point should favor the right side of the fairway to give you the best chance of hitting the fairway.  Your second shot is uphill to a green situated about 15 ft above the fairway, take an extra that your yardage to reach the green. There are three bunkers short of the green here and one long right that you have to avoid. The green surface is fairly flat with minimal undulation.

Redstone Resort 9th TeeRedstone Resort 9th FairwayRedstone Resort 9th Green





10th Hole – 456 yds – Par 4

The start of the back nine starts with one of the more intimidating shots on the golf course, your drive has to be threaded between trees left and right and must carry or stay left of a bunker on the left corner of the fairway that doglegs to the left. Once you reach the fairway your second shot to the hole can be a short or long shot depending on how much of the corner you cut off. Your shot must avoid the bunker on the left here and short of the green will not hurt you here if you have a good short game. The green surface here as a bit of role to it, depending on where you putt or chip from.

Redstone Resort 10th Tee Redstone Resort 10th FairwayRedstone Resort 10th Green





11th Hole – 627 yds – Par 5

From the back tee this hole plays like a beast and just getting to the fairway will require a drive of 240 yds.  From the green tees this hole plays 80yds shorter. A good drive here will hug the right side of the fairway as the fairway slopes from right to left. A good aim point here would be between the left fairway and green side bunkers. Your second shot into the hole should again favor the right side of the fairway to give allow for the role back towards the middle of the fairway. The third shot is a good 15 ft up to the green from the fairway, you must carry your ball onto the green or run the risk of your ball rolling back into the three bunker in front of the green. The green surface here is has minimal undulation and is set at 45 degree angle from the fairway.

Redstone Resort 11th Tee Redstone Resort 11th FairwayRedstone Resort 11th Green





12th Hole – 187 yds – Par 3

This longer par 3 doesn’t play its full length, from the tee its a good 15 ft down to the green level. A good tee shot here will favor the right side as the green slopes in general from the right side of the green to the left side of the green. There are two bunker located on the right side of the green here that must be avoided when the pin is on the back left of the green. Making par here is a good score.

Redstone Resort 12th Hole Green







13th Hole – 376 yds – Par 4

The 13th hole is a dogleg left par 4 that plays 20ft off the tee down into the fairway and back uphill to the green. The play off the tee here is to hit your tee shot at the right green side bunker in the distance on top of the hill.  There are two bunkers down the right side on this hole the first one may not be visible from the tee if you play off the back tees. Your second shot is 15ft uphill to the green, use and extra club in order to reach the green surface. There are three bunkers here that guard the green two at the front and one back right. The green surface has a gentle slope that runs from back to front.

Redstone Resort 13th Tee Redstone Resort 13th FairwayRedstone Resort 13th Green





14th Hole – 551 yds – par 5

This long par 5 doglegs hard to the left off the tee shot, aim your ball just left of the fairway bunkers on the right side to get your ball in the fairway. The second shot is straight here favor the left side giving you a good angle of attack for your third shot. The fairway here is very generous and the fairway bunkers left and right are in play. The third shot into the green here has a bunker at the back of the green that must be avoided but not much else here. There is plenty of room around the green here allowing the player a good chance to get up and down out of the rough. The green has some undulation to it on the front, back and the right back as a collection area.

Redstone Resort 14th Tee Redstone Resort 14th Fairway Redstone Resort 14th Fairway 2Redstone Resort 14th Green




15th Hole – 336 yds – par 4

This short uphill par 4 doglegs to the right. The play from tee is over the scruff at the corner of the dogleg or just to the left of it, your tee ball is uphill a good 15 ft take enough club to get you past 200 yds to setup your approach to the green. Your second shot into the hole here is guarded by a bunker that protects most of the front of the green. The green here is situated at a 45 degree angle to the fairway the front part is closer than the back portion here. The green surface here has minimal undulation but there is a nice backboard starting at the left back and runs to  the right center that can deflect a ball back onto the green if your long on your second shot.

Redstone Resort 15th Tee Redstone Resort 15th FairwayRedstone Resort 15th Green





16th Hole – 319 yds Par 4

The shortest par 4 at Redstone Resort. The hole is straight away here, a driver is not needed here a good tee ball here is to hit your 200-220 yard club, giving you a short iron into the green. There is a lake that runs down a good portion of the fairway on the right side here that must be avoided. The second shot into the green is guarded by one bunker that protects the right side of the green. There is a lots of up and down slope around the green if you happen to miss the green here. The green surface itself doesn’t have much elevation change on it and getting up and down is very possible from around the green.

Redstone Resort 16th Tee Redstone Resort 16th FairwayRedstone Resort 16th Green





17th Hole – 151 yds – Par 3

Your tee shot at this par 3 must be carried at least 130 yds over water in order to reach the green. The green has a couple of bunkers on the right side to catch any wayward shots. The green surface itself is has two small tiers one back and one front, the green is 35 yds long from the start of the lake to the back of the green giving the player ample room in order to hit the green.

Redstone Resort 17th Tee Redstone Resort 17th Green






18th Hole – 460 yds – Par 4

The final hole at Redstone Resort is long on the scorecard but plays shorter. Your tee shot here is hit from a tee high above the fairway down to a fairway that also runs away from the tee box. The hole doglegs to the left and a good tee shot will hug the left tree line. There is a pond on the right side of the fairway that can be driven into by the longer hitters at around 300 yds from the back tees. The second shot into the green here is again slightly downhill and must carry over a brush filled hazard 25 yd from the green and avoid bunkers left and right of the green. The green surface here has a two levels that bisect the green with the back level being higher than the front portion of the green.

Redstone Resort 18th Tee Redstone Resort 18th FairwayRedstone Resort 18th Green

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