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Wachusett Country Club is located in West Boylston 40 minutes outside of Boston. The course was designed by Donald Ross in 1927. Its set on a old farm that overlooks Mount Wachusett and the Metropolitan Water Basin, the course has many trees and many elevation changes on it. Like all Ross courses the greens have lots of undulation to them and players will have to be able to hit shots left right high and low. The course features a 18 course and a driving range, the clubhouse looks old and stately but inside its very warm and welcoming. I played here for less than $40 which is a great deal considering its a Donald Ross course its a hidden gem in my opinion.

Hole Descriptions

1st Hole 388 yds Par 4 – The opening hole at a great many Ross course allows the player to get comfortable with their surrounding, this hole is no exception. Its a medium length downhill hole with ample fairway on the drive. The only trouble on this hole is going right there is a creek that meanders all the way down past the green, being so the best line is down right side of the fairway giving the best angle of approach to the green. Your second shot must avoid the left side of the green as your ball will end up in a deep large bunker. There is room right to miss your approach and getting up and down is a distinct possibility. The green is fairly flat and large here so its very possible you’ll find you second shot on the green.

Wachusett Country Club 1st TeeWachusett Country Club 1st  Fairway Wachusett Country Club 1st  Green





2nd Hole 518yds Par 5 – This hole winds its way around to the right, your tee shot is uphill to a fairway open fairway, the further left you can go here the better angle on your second shot, if you go down the right side its hard to advance your ball any further that over the small pond that splits the two fairways. Your second is over the pond and depending on how much of the fairway you can see, the longer hitters can have a good shot at the green here depending on their drive. There is not trouble except the for the rough here so its a fun hole to play. The green is medium in size and their isn’t  a lot of trouble from around the green if you happen to miss it.

Wachusett Country Club 2nd Tee Wachusett Country Club 2nd Fairway

Wachusett Country Club 2nd Fairway 2

Wachusett Country Club 2nd Green




3rd Hole 380 yds Par 4 – This uphill par four players longer than the yardage, your tee shot and second shot are both hit uphill towards the clubhouse. Your tee shot is straight away here with the only trouble being the trees on the right. Take an extra club on your second shot here, most likely you wont be able to see the bottom of the pin. The green is large and has two levels to it with the back level being smaller than the bottom.

Wachusett Country Club 3rd Tee Wachusett Country Club 3rd Green






4th Hole 142 yds Par 3 – The first par 3 is only a 142 yds, its surrounded by bunkers left and right and is slightly uphill making your shot and extra 6 yds or so.  The green is large and has a fair bit of undulation in it, if your shot misses the green you could face and awkward second shot from a side hill uphill lie as there are several small mounds that your ball could get caught in.

Wachusett Country Club 4th Tee

Wachusett 4th Green






5th Hole 507 yds Par 5 – Your drive is hit straight out into fairly wide fairway, the only trouble here is hitting it the trees left and right, its your second shot the gives all the bite to this hole, you stand in the fairway looking down 50 ft to a typical Ross green elevated with bunkers guarding the left and right front entrances. You can lay up with an iron or go for the green, there is a small culvert that runs across the hole about 75yds from the green that you must carry or lay up short of. From the top of the hill it looks like a very intimidating second shot. The green is very large for a short par 5 here and there are lots of pins placements to make the third shot more challenging. Missing the green here means that your next shot will be with a sand wedge to get the ball up in the air. Overall an exciting risk reward hole.

Wachusett Country Club 5th Tee

Wachusett Country Club 5th Fairway

Wachusett 5th  Green





6th Hole 157 yds Par 3 – This is one of Ross’s specialties he would often place short par 3 on parts of the course that where hilly, leaving the player with a steady but gentle incline to the top of the hill or plateau. This medium length hole plays at least one club more as the green sits 25ft above the tee.  The green has 3 bunkers on it all on the left side at various lengths from the tee.  The play here is past the pin as its a large green that slopes from back to front and missing it short will leave you with a tricky uphill shot that’s hard to judge the distance right.

Wachusett 6th TeeWachusett 6th Green






7th Hole 360 yds Par 4 – The seventh hole is a uphill dogleg right hole. You tee shot is hit uphill to a fairway 20ft above the tee box, the best line here is down the right side of the tree line giving you the best angle in for your second shot. The green on this hole is large and open, there are two bunkers left and right that will catch any shots landing short of the green. The green surrounding is fairly flat so even if you miss the green your chances of getting up and down are good. The green has some undulation to it, mainly on the back left and right. the front right corner is the flattest part of the green.

Wachusett 7th Tee

Wachusett 7th Fairway






8th Hole 436 yds Par 4 – The next two holes are the longest on the course and begin a stretch of 5 difficult holes. This par 4 is straight away the fairway is wide and generous here giving players the ability to swing hard with out worry. There is a bunker right on the fairway but its only reached by the longest of tee shots or for players that have trouble with their drives.  Like many Donald Ross designs there is ample room to run your ball up onto the green with a well placed second or third shot. The only trouble on your second shot here is avoiding the bunker 40yds short left and the mounding and large trees also on the left. The green here is narrow and long with two levels running perpendicular to the fairway making your second shot even more important. Depending if the pin is left or right you want you miss to be on the short side of the hole, left is always safe as your chipping back into the tiers, its a fun green to putt.

Wachusett Country Club 8th Tee

Wachusett Country Club 8th Fairway

Wachusett Country Club 8th Green





9th Hole 426 yds Par 4 – The 9th hole is another long par 4 its straight away with no bunkers until you approach the green. This fairway, like the last is also wide giving the player a good chance to get one out there. A drive anywhere in the fairway is good here. Your second shot here is to a semi large green that is protected by two large and deep bunkers left and right and a bunker 50yds short of the green right, commonly found in Ross’ designs. The green here as lots of undulation nothing too drastic but just enough to always give the player with a left to right or right to left putt.

Wachusett Country Club 9th TeeWachusett Country Club 9th FairwayWachusett Country Club 9th Green





10th Hole 494 yds Par 5 – This reachable par 5 and a good birdie opportunity, your drive is straightaway here and there is not trouble until about 100 yds from the green where a large bunker on the right juts out into the fairway. Your second shot can go either for the green and challenge the fairway bunker or layup short of it. The green has two bunkers left and two bunkers right to catch any stray shots, the green itself is fairly flat with minimal undulation.

Wachusett Country Club 10th TeeWachusett Country Club 10th FairwayWachusett Country Club 10th Green





11th Hole 430yds Par 4 – The second hole on the back 9 is rated the second hardest hole on the golf course, at 430 yds its a long and difficult hole that doglegs left, there are two bunker right that guard any wayward tee shots and hitting it left into the trees will leave you with a chip out.  Your second shot here is to a narrow slight elevated green protected on the left by two bunkers. The green has a bit of undulation to it more towards the back of the green.

Wachusett Country Club 11th FairwayWachusett Country Club 11th Tee






12th Hole 426 yds Par 4 – This is the second hardest hole on the back nine at 426 yds its a longer hole that requires a good drive to have a good shot at a par or better.  Your tee shot here is guarded by two bunkers left and right of the fairway that will catch any stray shot. The hole feels narrow but the bunkers really add to that feeling. Your second shot is over a large dip to a green that is guarded by two bunkers left and right. The green slopes towards the fairway in the front as has minor undulation in the back.

Wachusett Country Club 12th Tee

Wachusett Country Club 12th  Fairway






13the Hole 198yds Par 3 – A classical looking par 3 – undulation and mounding everywhere on this hole, the green is slight elevated from the fairway and there are two bunkers left and right to catch wayward shots. The green is large and has a fair bit of undulation to it, the sides of the greens run off into the fringe at the front of the green.

Wachusett Country Club 13th TeeWachusett Country Club 13th Green






14th Hole 330 yds Par 4 – This hole is slightly uphill and to the left, from the tee its looks narrow but the landing area is very wide once your standing in it. The right side of the fairway is more open than the left but you must avoid the bunker at the top of the hill. Your second shot is uphill again to a large green, there are no bunkers near the green here, all in all a non intimidating second shot. The green slopes from back to front and has small undulation levels back left, front right and left. You’ll have a good chance at par and maybe a birdie on this hole.

Wachusett Country Club 14th TeeWachusett Country Club 14th FairwayWachusett Country Club 14th Green





15th Hole 508 yds Par 5 – A fun hole that gives everyone a chance at a par or birdie. You tee shot is down hill to a 60yd wide fairway, avoid the bunker right and the chocolate drop mounding on the right. The best angle here is in between the two people ahead of our group , as if your too close to the left side you will be blocked out by large pine trees. If you are blocked out aim over the two mounds for the best line to the fairway. The longer hitters when going for the green here must avoid a bunker just short of the green right, the best place to miss it is left giving you the best opportunity to get up and down. For those who don’t go for the green there isn’t much trouble on your third shot just keep in mind that from the middle of the green to the right side it slopes down to the right. The left side of the green is for the most par level.

Wachusett Country Club 15th Tee Wachusett Country Club 15th FairwayWachusett Country Club 15th Green





16th Hole 316 yds Par 4 – This is one of the best holes on the course in my opinion, you have several options here, you can lay it up short of the bunker on the right and have 115 yds into the green or you can challenge the bunker and have a sand wedge in your hand. The unique aspect of this hole are the 3 different levels in the fairway, short of the bunker your stance is uphill, to the left of the bunker there is a small flatter spot and over the bunker your lie is for the most part flat. Your second shot depending where you come in from must be flown onto the green or you run the risk of your ball rolling 30yds back down the steep embankment in front of the green – see the third picture, my ball landed just on the green and spun back down the hill, leaving my with one of those what do I do now shots. Take one more club here to be safe for the best chance at hitting the green. There are two bunkers left and right here, the right bunker is below the putting surface so going into this bunker is a no no.

Wachusett Country Club 16th Tee Wachusett 16th  FairwayWachusett 16th  Green





17th Hole 374 yds Par 4 – This is a straightaway par 4, the only trouble here is a hazard that runs down most of the hole on the right side. The fairway is very generous here so its not difficult to hit.  A three or hybrid is the play off this tee and will leave you with a mid iron into the green. The second shot in is guarded by 3 bunkers two right and one left, the green itself is on the smaller side with small levels throughout the green.  There is ample room to chip here if you miss the green and getting up and down is very possible given a good chip.

Wachusett Country Club 17th TeeWachusett Country Club 17th Green






18th Hole 177 yds Par 3 – The last hole is a medium length par 3 that leaves you back at the club house, the green slopes towards the middle on both sides and there is a flat area that runs down the middle of the green from the back to front. The hole has two bunkers one left and one right, the left one is 25 yds from the green and has a good sized lip. The area surround the green is fairly flat so you will have a good chance at a par here if you miss the green.

Wachusett Country Club 18th TeeWachusett Country Club 18th Green








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