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Turnberry Ailsa Course Review

Turnberry Scotland is located on the South Eastern coastline of Scotland about 1.5hr south of Glasgow on the Firth of Cylde. The Ailsa course has hosted 5 British Open Championships and has seen some of the most thrilling and heart wrenching finishes in the Open, the most memorable being Tom Watson being on both ends vs Jack Nicklaus in 1977 and who can forget his missed putt on the 18th in 2009

Hole Descriptions

The opening hole is 354 yd hole that has a slight dogleg to the right, a fair test to get your game underway. The green is protected by four bunkers that make the hole a little tougher to run the ball up onto the green

Turnberry Ailsa #1Turnberry Ailsa Course







The second hole winds its way to the left at 428 yds its a stern test if the wind is up, the fairway is guarded by two bunkers that will catch any errant drives left and right and the green is protected by two bunkers at the front of the green.

Turnberry Ailsa Course

 Turnberry Ailsa Course






The third hole is another long Par 4 at 489 yds that gently doglegs to the right, there are two fairway bunkers that can catch an errant drive on the left, any fairway shots straying right may find the two bunkers guarding the right side of the green.

Turnberry Ailsa Course







The forth hole is a par 3 called Woe-Be-Tide is a warning to be aware of the Firth of Clyde and any other hazards to the left. A ball it short right will collect down into the deep cavernous bunker making par a chore.

Turnberry Ailsa Course







The fifth hole is 479 yds and has a slight dogleg left, there are 9 bunkers on this hole four guarding the teeshot and 5 in around the green. The two bunkers on the left side of the green are well bellow the putting surface and should be avoided, as with most holes at Turnerry long is always the safest shot.

Turnberry Ailsa Course 5 fairwayTurnberry Ailsa Course 5 Green








The six hole is another beast of a par 3 at 231yds, depending on the wind off the ocean this can play very long or short. A ball landing short of the green will roll further down the steep hill, as you can see by my shot how much steep the front on the green really is.

Turnberry Ailsa Course 6 GreenTurnberry Ailsa Course 6 Tee








The 7th hole is a reachable par 5, if you can cut off a bit of the corner the second shot to the green will be short but players must avoid the deep valley left of the fairway and also avoid a couple of bunkers in the landing area. The 2nd and 3rd shot are uphill and the green is guarded by two bunkers right of the green.
Turnberry 7 TeeTurnberry 7 FairwayTurnberry 7 th Green






The 8th hole is a par 4 at 454 yds its guarded by 3 bunkers on the right side of the fairway and the green is guarded by 3 bunkers two right and one left. The green itself is two tiered make the club selection on the approach shot important
Turnberry Ailsa Course 8 Tee Turnberry Ailsa Course 8 Fairway Turnberry Ailsa Course 8 Approach






The 9th hole is the most scenic hole on the course your drive looks out over the Firth of Clyde and you can see the remains of Robert the Bruce’s Castle. There are no bunkers on this hole but the green can be very difficult if you put the ball in the wrong position.

Turnberry 9 LighthouseTurnberry 9 Bruce's Castle

The 10 hole is the most scenic on the golf course. The tee shot is downhill into a valley, players must avoid the two bunkers in the middle of the fairway and stay clear of the left side, the green is protected by the huge island bunker 75yds from the green.

Turnberry 10 TeeTurnberry 10 FairwayTunrberry 10 - island bunker

The 11th hole is a 175yd par 3, the safest shot is long and you have to avoid the deep left bunker. On my day I aimed 30 yds right of the green and my ball ended up on the right back of the green.

Turnberry 11 Tee








The 12th Hole named monument is 447yds named to commemorate the lost airmen stationed at Turnberry during the world wars.

Turnberry 12 Memorial

The 13 Hole is a 410 yd dogleg left both the tee and the green are elevated players must avoid the 3 bunkers on the left and the mounds on the right. The green is plateaued giving it the illusion of being a small green. Again the safest shot is a long shot into this hole.
Turnberry 13 TeeTurnberry 13 ApproachTurnberry 13 Green

The 14th Hole is a straight away uphill par 4 at 449yds, the fairway bunkers on the right only come into play for the longest of hitters. Players leaving their ball short left of the green will have to contend with the deep riveted bunker. The green itself has three small tiers running at a 45 degree diagonal from the fairway
Turnberry 14 FairwayTurnberry 14 TeeTurnberry 14 Green






The 15 hole is a 206 yrd par 3 Avoid going short or right of this green both will leave you with steep uphill second shots. A second shots from the bunkers will are difficult as the green runs away from you.
Turnberry 15 TeeTurnberry 15 Tee2Turnberry 15 Green

The 16th Hole is named Wee Burn – which is a misnomer as in the words of my best Scottish impression “fricken huge!!” The best line into the green here is down the right, your second shot has the avoid the burn in front of the green and about 20 ft of false front on the green. You can see this hole as being crucial coming down the stretch in a major.
Turnberry 16 TeeTurnberry 16 Fairway

As you can see burn really is huge. The burn is named after Wilson’s Burn

Turnberry 16 Green

Turnberry 16 Approach







The 17th measures in at 558 yrds, you hit from and elevated tee box down into a valley then back up a small hill, not alot of trouble on the tee shot but your second shot can find the bunker at the start of the hill on the right. The green is guarded by 4 bunkers two on each side.
Turnberry 17 TeeTurnberry 17 FairwayTurnberry 17 Approach

The 18th Hole – Duel in the Sun – named for Jack and Tom open battle in 1977. The perfect tee shot is down to have the best angle into the green. The green itself is open in the front allowing for run up shots and an exciting finish.

Turnberry Ailsa Course 18th TeeTurnberry Ailsa Course 18th Fairway 2Turnberry Ailsa Course 18th Green

Tom’s Putt

Turnberry 18 Green Tom Watson

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