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Radium Resort - Springs Course




Radium Resort – Springs Course Review

A visit to the Columbia valley should involve a stop in Radium to the Springs Course, the course was designed by Canadian architect Les Furber. Set high above the Columbia river the course winds its way around the cliffs above and provides scenic views of the valley below on several holes. The course is very well manicured in all aspects and has a great practice facility including a large area to practice your chipping and bunker play. The one thing you will notice here as if you tend to spray your ball you won’t have much trouble finding your ball and chipping back out into the fairway, they have done a great job of clearing the trees of brush and shrubs which in turn speeds up play.

To ease your sore muscles after your round a mandatory visit to the world famous Radium hot springs should be the first thing you do after you leave the golf course.

Hole Descriptions

1st Hole – 425 yds Par 4 – The opening hole at the Springs course is a dogleg left downhill hole, your best aiming point is the left side of the bunker on the right side of the fairway, any shot that finds the fairway will bounce left down the slope towards to green. The longer hits maybe be able to cut the corner but be aware there is a tree in the left part of the fairway guarding against taking a shorter route. Your second shot is down hill again to a green that is guarded by a two bunkers left and right.

Radium - The Springs 1st Tee

Radium - The Springs 1st Fairway

Radium - The Springs 1st Green





2nd Hole – 396 yds Par 4 – Although not long, this dogleg left par 4 will test golfers, its a visually intimidating hole that has a hazard running all the way down the left side and a large long bunker that also guards the left side. The tee shot must make it to the bunker as your next shot is at an almost 90 degree angle up a 30 ft hill.

Radium - The Springs 2nd Tee

Radium - The Springs 2nd Green






3rd Hole – 503 yds Par 5 – This reachable par 5 can easily be reached by the long hitters. The best line here is down the right side of the fairway making sure you avoid the tall trees on the right. Your second shot here is either a lay up or you go for the green avoid the bunkers 70 yds from the green if your laying up and if you go for it the best ball flight is from the right to left side of the green.

Radium - The Springs 3rd Tee

Radium - The Springs 3rd Fairway

Radium - The Springs 3rd Green





4th Hole 185 yds Par 3 – A shorter par 3 here, you must avoid short right here as there is a deep bunker running from the front of the green to the back. The bunkers are lined with Pete Dye style railroad track boards making it look visually intimidating. Missing long in the rough here is also tricky as the most of the green slopes away so leaving your ball short of the pin is a good shot.

Radium - The Springs 4th Tee

Radium - The Springs 4th GreenRadium - The Springs 4th Green






5th 431 yds Hole- Par 4 – You hit your tee shot on this downhill dogleg left hole to a generous fairway avoid the right side as you can see one tongue of a giant bunker but be aware there is another tongue of the same bunker right at the dogleg which you can’t see. The corner of the dogleg is 260yds from the tee so longer hitters shouldn’t have trouble carrying the corner. The further right in the fairway the better angle you will have at the green. The green is guarded by 4 bunkers located at the corners of the green.

Radium - The Springs 5th Tee

Radium - The Springs 5th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 5th Green





6th Hole – 195 yds Par 3 – A scenic par 3 at 190 yds. A good shot here must carry the bunkers on the right side of the green, anything left is usually safe on this hole but at the same time if you go over the green here you will have a very tough time making par. The green has two distinct levels so your tee shot placement is of extra importance here.

Radium - The Springs 6th Tee

Radium - The Springs 6th Green






7th Hole 386 yds – Par 4 – A good tee shot here will hug the right side of the fairway giving you the best and shortest line into the green. It is also ok to go left here, avoid the bunker right or you might be blocked out from going at the green. The second shot to this long green is guarded by two bunkers left and right at the front of the green the so its a must to take more club to get over these bunkers. As with the majority of holes here the green side rough tends to run away from you so be aware that a short shot is easier to recover from.

Radium - The Springs 7th Tee

Radium - The Springs 7th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 7th Green





8th Hole 355 yds – Par 4 – This straight away par 4 can get a player into trouble if your tee shot strays off the target. The best shot lone here is the stay between the fountain and the bunker on the right, you only need a iron or a fairway metal here to get your tee ball into a good position. Your second shot is over a lake that juts out into the fairway but with a short club in your hand it doesn’t pose to much trouble.

Radium - The Springs 8th Tee

Radium - The Springs 8th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 8th Green





9th Hole 550 yds – Par 5 – This par 5 ends the front nine and a definite birdie opportunity. A good drive here will be right of the last tree on the left side of the fairway, the fairway bunker on the right is not carry-able for most players. Your second shot is to a large wide open fairway, avoid the four bunkers down the right side and the lake left. Your third shot is to a slightly elevated green the is surrounded by bunkers on all sides but coming in with a short iron these bunkers should not be a problem

Radium - The Springs 9th Tee

Radium - The Springs 9th Green

Radium - The Springs 9th Fairway





10th Hole 501 yds – Par5 – At 501 yds this hole does not play its true distance, a good tee shot here will setup a short iron second shot. The best drive here stays short of the lake and away from the bunkers left. The second shot will leave you between 160 and 200 yds from the flag depending on how close to the lake you can drive. For the shorter hitters your second shot will be played to the right staying close the right side of the lake as possible and avoiding the fairway bunkers right. The green itself is very large and there are many places where the pin can be placed.

Radium - The Springs 10th Tee

Radium - The Springs 10th FairwayRadium - The Springs 10th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 10th Green





11th Hole 352 yds – Par 4 – A good aiming point here is at the fairway bunkers, any shot right could find the lake that runs down the length of the fairway and stops at the green. The best play is here is a fairway metal or even an iron. The shot into the green here is fairly straight forward there and with a short iron in your hand you have a good chance at a birdie here. The green has many small undulations so you most likely will not have a straight in put here.

Radium - The Springs 11th Tee

Radium - The Springs 11th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 11th Green





12th Hole 392 yds – Par 4 – Your tee shot here should be down the right side of the fairway to have the best angle into the green. If your shot is left your next shot will have to carry the mounding and bunkers left of the green. Your second shot depending on where you are is to a elongated green set on a 45 degree angle to the fairway. The green is has 3 bunkers and large mounds that guard left of the green. The green is fairly flat here and a birdie is a distinct possibility.

Radium - The Springs 12th Tee

Radium - The Springs 12th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 12th Green





13 Hole 550 yds Par 5 – This reachable straightaway par 5 is setup by the tee shot. A good tee shoot is aimed at the fairway bunker on the left, the fairway is sloped so all shot will bound to the right. If you are going for it your second shot must be from right to left as the green slopes at and angle from right to left. There is a bunker guarding the left side of the green that you can’t see from the fairway. Your best angle here is playing off the right side bunker. There is also ample room to lay up here the best angle being the right side of the fairway.

Radium - The Springs 13th Tee

Radium - The Springs 13th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 13th Green





14th Hole 189 yds Par 3 – Your tee shot here is hit over a deep gulley to a large green with three distinct sections to it. Make sure to take enough club here at anything short may bounce towards the gulley leaving you with a tough up and down. The right half of the green is the safest section to hit your ball here any shots missing around the green are faced with a good slope that runs away from the pin.

Radium - The Springs 14th Tee

Radium - The Springs 14th Green






15th Hole 428 yds Par 4 – The 90 degree dogleg left hole can be shortened by the longer hitters by cutting off some of the dogleg for the shorter hitters you can aim at the left side of the fairway bunker. As a good reference point, the 150 yd marker is in direct line with the small tree just left of the bunker. Your second shot here must avoid the green side bunker left, chipping around this green is not difficult so your second shot can be aggressive. The green is fairly large and for the most part flat so take dead aim at the pin.

Radium - The Springs 15th Tee

Radium - The Springs 15th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 15th Green





16th Hole 384 yds Par 4 – This short par 4 is setup by the tee shot, a good shot will find the right side of the fairway, any shot left may be blocked out by the tall pine tree just past the bunker right. The best play is here is to lay up somewhere around 150 yds to avoid all of the trouble. Your second shot here is too a 40 yd long green with two levels to it, avoid the bunkers left and right that guard the front half of the green

Radium - The Springs 16th Tee

Radium - The Springs 16th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 16th Green





17th Hole 149 yds Par 3 – The most scenic hole on the golf course, you have a great view of the Columbia valley below in all directions. Your tee shot here is hit over another gulley to green that is diagonal to the tee. Taking enough club is a must here or you will find yourself re-hitting your tee ball. The two bunkers short of the green catch any shots not finding the green. The easiest pins here are right and middle the pin placement on the left side of the green is much more difficult as the green narrows on the left and you have to carry the bunker for good shot.

Radium - The Springs 17th Tee

Radium - The Springs 17th Green






18th Hole 406 yds Par 4 – This slight dogleg left hole will test you, it tends to play longer that is yardage on the card. Your tee shot must avoid the bunker on the left side of the fairway for a good angle into the green. Your second shot here is guarded by bunkers t  hat surround the green, depending on what club you have in your hand your second shot here is one of the more difficult on the course. The green has one large tier and and one small tier back left. Chipping around this green is not difficult as the green area is fairly flat. Good Luck!!

Radium - The Springs 18th Tee

Radium - The Springs 18th Fairway

Radium - The Springs 18th Green



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