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Presidio Golf Course Review

Presidio Golf course is located minutes from downtown San Francisco. The club was founded in 1895 and was the original home of the San Francisco Golf Club. The US army owned the land and approved a 9 hole golf course to be built in 1895 with an expansion to 18 holes in 1908. Presidio was designed by Robert Johnstone. The course now sits within Golden Gate National Recreation area after the army base was closed in 1989. Our round started on the 10th hole on the scorecard so the nines are reversed in the Hole Reviews and Pictures

This was my first stop after being at Bandon Dunes and I’m glad I picked here as my first round of golf ever in the San Fransisco area. I love the old style golf courses and Presidio Golf Course was no exception to the golden age style. The course is very close to the bay so you can get fog, wind and rain at a moments notice, and that was exactly what we got on the front nine. If you have ever done any walking around SF your well aware of the steep and hilly streets around SF, Presidio is built on similar terrain, most holes either are uphill or downhill with very few flat holes.  The majority of holes here are surrounded on both side by large Cyprus trees, if you watched the US Open at Olympic Club, Presidio golf course has a similar look and feel. Like Olympic Club the fairways are sloped to the left or right meaning a shot down the middle of the fairway may not always find the short grass.

 Hole Reviews and Pictures

1st Hole 504 yds Par 5

The first hole at Presidio Golf Course is an uphill par 5 that is surrounded on both sides of the fairway by giant cyprus trees, its quite the spectacular view to get your round started. The hole itself meanders its way up a gentle slope all the way to the green. The fairway here is about 45-50 yds wide so with a decent shot you should find the fairway. Your second shot is again wide open avoid the left bunker near the green and stay right for the best angle of approach for your third shot. The third shot is a little tricky, you won’t be able to see the green unless the pin is located on the far right side of the green.  The third shot requires a precise shot as there is a bunker short of the green and one long of the green that are know to gobble up balls. The bunkers on this hole have a natural look around the edges giving them a definite golden age fell to them. The green here is perpendicular to the fairway and is generally sloped from left side to right side.

Presidio Golf Course 1st Tee Presidio Golf Course 1st Fairway Presidio Golf Course 1st Fairway 2Presidio Golf Course 1st Green




2nd Hole 394 yds Par 4

The second hole plays shorter than the actual yardage, it plays about 40ft downhill to a green located at the bottom of the slope. The hole bends slightly to the left so a good line is between the telephone poles or just right of them.  The second shot plays steeply downhill again to a green that is on the smaller side. In general you can take a club less but just make sure your ball carries the bunker guarding the from portion of this green. The green has three distinct corners to it and going after pins tucked in these corners is very difficult, for the most part if your ball can find the middle of the green you won’t have a long putt no matter where the pin is located.

Presidio Golf Course 2nd Tee Presidio Golf Course 2nd Fairway Presidio Golf Course 2nd Green





3rd Hole 453 yds Par 4

Well it started pouring down on us on this hole so the first two pics aren’t very clear. This hole bends slightly to the left and is downhill for the majority of the hole except near the green where your hitting up back uphill. Your tee shot on this hole must be played to the right of the left fairway bunker, from the tee it looks like a narrow fairway but there is a 30-40 yds of fairway to the right.  The second shot is uphill to green that is a small for this length of hole and is surrounded by three bunkers. This is probably one of the more difficult second shots on the course.  The green surface in general runs from back to front here so staying below the pin is another import piece to solve this hole.

Presidio Golf Course 3rd Tee Presidio Golf Course 3rd Fairway Presidio Golf Course 3rd Green





4th Hole 175 yds Par 3

A difficult par 3 with no room for error off the tee. The green sits atop of a plateau and has two devilish bunkers left and right that can catch a short shot and any shot coming up short will have a fairly steep second up to the green. The green opens up further into the green and is fairway wide from the center of the green to the back. The green itself doesn’t have much undulation to it and making a putt here is very possible.

Presidio Golf Course 4th Tee Presidio Golf Course 4th Green






5th Hole 346 yds Par 4

This hole looks short on the card but play deceptively longer off the tee. The fairway is very wide her and canters from left to right, the ideal drive would be at the right green side bunkers with your ball making it over the crest and onto the flat area down the right side of the fairway.  Your second shot will play about 5 yards more depending on how far back from the green you are. There main objective is to take it over the bunkers fronting the green. The green itself has some undulation to it, the very front portion slopes heavy towards the fairway so your ball might find fairway or light rough if you land on the front. If your going to miss on this hole miss right there is far more room right than left.

Presidio Golf Course 5th Tee Presidio Golf Course 5th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 5th Green





6th Hole 172 yds Par 3

A picturesque par 3 playing downhill, the hole play 5-10 yds less than the measured distance. For most people their eyes will be draw towards the bunkers here they are great example of the golden age style of bunkering that’s making a comeback. The play here is to aim at the right side of the green, if your lucky your ball may deflect to the left and onto the green if your balls headed for the rough. The green here has 3 distinct sections and there is some undulation in each of the sections.

Presidio Golf Course 6th Tee







7th Hole 374 yds Par 4

The 7th hole is uphill dogleg right all the way to the green. At 374 yds it probably plays closer to 400 yds after you take the slope into consideration. The tee shot must avoid the bunker down the left side although its not in play for the longer hitters its in play for the majority of players. The best play here even though it doglegs right is down the left side of the fairway, the green opens up on the left and is protected by a green side bunker if your coming in from the right side of the fairway. The second shot from the fairway requires an extra club to reach the green and the best shot will be short and to the right of the pin. The green itself is very small in surface area and in general slopes from back to front. The two bunkers at the back of the green are above the green and can make for a very delicate up and down.

Presidio Golf Course 7th Tee Presidio Golf Course 7th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 7th Green





8th Hole 350 yds Par 4

This hole is steeply uphill all the way to the green and bends gently to the right. The aim here is inside the left bunker giving you a good look at the pin. The second shot into the green is a full club more into the green because of the steepness of the slope. The green here is on the smaller side and is round in shape. There is one bunker on the right side of the green that you may not be able to see from the fairway the miss into the green will always be on the left side. The green surface here is flat around the middle and is shaped like a turtles back as you get closer to the fringe.

Presidio Golf Course 8th Tee Presidio Golf Course 8th FairwayPresidio Golf Course 8th Green





9th Hole 516 yds Par 5

The last hole on the front nine at Presidio Golf Course is a straight away reachable par 5. The trouble here isn’t on your drive or second shot it comes at the green. If you can keep your ball between the canyon of cypress trees off the tee you’ll have a reasonable shot at reaching the green in two. The only bunkers on this hole are located at the green making this hole very inviting to all skill levels.  Once your at the green the difficulty level is raised, the green itself is very narrow in the front portion and you don’t want to be in either green side bunker. The back portion is wider but getting to the back right corner is very difficult. Overall the green has minimal undulation its the mounding around the green that may cause some issues if you miss the green.

Presidio Golf Course 9th Tee Presidio Golf Course 9th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 9th Green





10th Hole 362 yds Par 4

The 10th hole is a short dogleg to the right par 4. Your tee ball is hit from a elevated tee down into the fairway, the bunker on corner of the dogleg comes into play and its better to be short of it hugging the tree line down the right side. The second shot is slightly uphill to a green with one bunker on the left side. Add a few more yards to your distance to make up for the uphill slope. The play here for the best chance at par is out to the right, there is plenty of room to hit the green or have a short chip shot. The green itself is kidney shaped and is a little lower in the front portion than the back.

Presidio Golf Course 10th Tee Presidio Golf Course 10th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 10th Green





11th Hole 473 yds Par 5

Don’t let the yardage fool you here. The hole plays longer that the scorecard, your drive is hit into a large dip in a narrow fairway from an elevated tee. The bottom of the dip is 20ft below the level of the fairway making the next shot back up the hill blind. The line from the bottom of the dip in the fairway is at the leftmost large cypress tree before you see sky. The third shot is hit to a smallish green in which you have to carry your ball over bunkers that surround the from of the green. The green surface in general slopes from back to front.

Presidio Golf Course 11th Tee Presidio Golf Course 11th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 11th Fairway 2 Presidio Golf Course 11th Green




12th Hole 386 yds Par 4

This hole slopes gradually uphill all the way to the green. The fairway is very narrow and is shaped like a turtles back on the sides, any shot down the edges of the fairway will bounce into the rough. Your aiming point of the tee here at the left edge of the green side bunkers. Your second shot into the green here requires another club in order to reach the green. The green surface here is divided into two portions the left portion has two tier and the right portion has 3 small tiers, it make for an interesting putts if you find the wrong portion of green.

Presidio Golf Course 12th Tee Presidio Golf Course 12th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 12th Green





13th Hole 130 yds Par 3

This hole reminds of pictures of Cypress Point Golf Club’s par 3 third hole, your tee shot is hit from an elevated tee box down to a green that is surrounded by bunkers and giant Cypress tree’s. Missing the green here will leave you in either the bunkers or rough that looks like rough you may find in Scotland its almost impossible to find a good lie in which you can get out of. The green surface here slopes from back to front here but at least the green size is on the larger side.

Presidio Golf Course 13th Tee Presidio Golf Course 13th Green






14th Hole 304 yds Par 4

This is the shortest hole at Presidio golf course, its uphill all the way to the green and the fairway is very generous. As long as you keep it between the trees here you’ll have a good chance at hitting the green. Your second shot into the green here play around 5 yds extra so taking an extra club should take all the trouble at the front out of play. The green surface here is round in shape and has 3 distinct tiers. The front left tier is the smallest and most difficult to hit and any ball not finding this tier will have a downhill putt.

Presidio Golf Course 14th Tee Presidio Golf Course 14th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 14th Green





15th Hole 364 yds Par 4

This is a extreme hole in two ways, the hole is uphill all the way to the green and it also slopes very hard from left to right. Your aiming point here is along the left tree line or the skyline gap between the trees. If you can play a draw or fade into the hill that would give you a better chance at staying in the fairway. Your second shot most likely be from a side hill uphill lie take a half club more and aim to the left of the pin. The green surface here is round and shape and is fairly flat in elevation.

Presidio Golf Course 15th Tee Presidio Golf Course 15th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 15th Green





16th Hole 219 yds Par 4

This long par 3 is probably the hardest par 3 at Presidio Golf Course, at 219 yds its a difficult green to hit.  Your ball has to fit through two bunkers on the left and right of the green and the fairway in front of the green slopes towards the left bunker. Your aim point here is at the right side of the green to give you the best chance at hitting the green. The green itself is flat except at the front where there is s small depression before you get onto the main part of the green.

Presidio Golf Course 16th Tee Presidio Golf Course 16th Green







17th Hole 378 yds Par 4

This shorter par 4 has a blind uphill tee shot. The fairway here slopes from left to right so a shot up the left side of the tree line will get you in the fairway. The second shot into the green is flat in elevation you might have a side hill lie but there isn’t much in your way of trouble here. The area around the green here isn’t technically difficult and getting up and down shouldn’t be an issue. The green surface here is flat in the front portion and rises up slightly onto another tier.

Presidio Golf Course 17th Tee Presidio Golf Course 17th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 17th Green





18th Hole 522 yds Par 5

The last hole at Presidio Golf Course is a decent par 5. The bunkers have all been redone on this hole giving it a golden age style golf hole. A shot between the two fairway bunkers will put you in a good spot to go for the green or layup.  The second shot can be played over the right fairway bunker or if your further back at the last cypress tree down the left side. there is a lot of fairway here it just looks smaller with the size of the trees. The third shot to the green can be easy or difficult depending on where they place the pin. The green side bunkers are deep here so avoid them if you can.

Presidio Golf Course 18th Tee Presidio Golf Course 18th Fairway Presidio Golf Course 18th Fairway 2 Presidio Golf Course 18th Green


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