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Metacomet Country Club Course Review

Metacomet Country Club was founded in 1901 by local businessmen and built by Leonard Byles, Donald Ross was later hired in 1924 to redesign the course to its current standing.  The name of the club came from the Chief of the Wampanoag Tribe – Metacomet a friend to the Pilgrim settlers in the 17th Century later renamed King Philip by the English after he succeeded his father as chief of the tribe. Metacomet Country Club sits on 105 acres of rolling terrain in East Providence. Metacomet Country Club is 6500 yds from the tips and plays to a par 70. It’s may not seem like a long course but if your drives are wild here you are in for a long day. Your shots have to be accurate and precise, Metacomet will challenge the most skilled of players and regularly host top amateur events. The front nine is the easier of the two nines and includes the only two par 5’s on the course. The back nine has two par 3’s over 220 yds which play their distances and a couple of par 4’s over 420 yds. There are also 5 holes at 350-360 yds giving everyone a chance at making a birdie or par. Overall the course was great and our group had a good time, its was nice to see a Donald Ross design in such fantastic shape.

Hole Descriptions

1st Hole 390 yds Par 4 – The first hole at Metacomet Country Club is a downhill par 4 the fairway landing area slopes from right to left so your tee shot must be over to the left side of the fairway. The line here is to play it at the two dark fir trees on the right side of the green. A good shot will find the bottom of the hill leaving you with a short shot iron in. Your second shot must avoid the 3 bunkers guarding the left side of the green, any shot to the right is safe here leaving you with either a chip or put. The green has a bit of undulation to it and generally slopes from back to front. A good hole to get your round going.

Metacomet Country Club 1st Tee Metacomet Country Club 1st FairwayMetacomet Country Club 1st Green





2nd Hole 517 yds Par 5 – The second hole at Metacomet is a par five that dog legs to the right around the lake that guards the whole right side of the fairway up to the green. Your drive her must stay out of the water and going left is not a bad shot. The aiming point here is the large tree in the fairway. Your second shot depending on where you are can be played over the water as far up the fairway as you feel comfortable. There is lots of room between the fairway and water here is you happen to miss hit your shot. Your third shot here is to a green that has a two long and thin bunkers on either side at the front. The bunkers shouldn’t be a factor on your third shot but are placed nicely for the longer hitters going for the green. The green is round shaped and getting up and down from around the green is not difficult.

Metacomet Country Club 2nd Tee  Metacomet Country Club 2nd FairwayMetacomet Country Club 2nd Approach




3rd Hole 358 yds Par 4 – The third hole in Metacomet bends to the right, your aiming point here is at the two trees in the fairway near the green side bunker on the left to giving you the best angle for your second shot.   Your second shot to the green is uphill and guarded by a three of bunkers left and right of the green, you’ll probably want to take an extra club here to make sure you get past the front of the green. The green sits atop a plateau carved from the hillside its a fairly large green and has lots of undulation running towards the fairway in the front portion.

Metacomet Country Club 3rd Tee  Metacomet Country Club 3rd FairwayMetacomet Country Club 3rd Green




4th Hole 442 yds Par 4 – The fourth hole is a downhill that doglegs from left to right. Your tee ball here must stay left here as there is a small creek just off the fairway on the right side of the landing area that you can’t see from the tee. Your aim point here should be between the last tree on the left and the bridge on the previous par 5. Your second shot is back uphill to a green protected by a long bunker that guards the left side of the green. For those who find trouble with their drives there is a bunker on right side of the fairway around 75yds from the green that will challenge you if your have to lay up. The green is round in shape here with minimal undulation.

Metacomet Country Club 4th TeeMetacomet Country Club 4th FairwayMetacomet Country Club 4th Green





5th Hole 176 yds Par 3 – The first par 3 at Metacomet is uphill to a green sitting on top of a plateau. If you miss the green here you will have a fairly steep uphill chip depending on how far your miss the green by. The holes defense is the plateau on which the green sits, the green itself here is relatively flat and making a fairly long put here is not out of the question. There is one bunker down the middle of the hole but it doesn’t come in to play for the majority of golfers.

Metacomet Country Club 5th TeeMetacomet Country Club 5th Green






6th Hole 427 yds Par 4 – This uphill par 4 is the second longest par 4 on the front nine, your opening shot is uphill to a wide tree lined fairway. There are a series of bunkers down the left trees that can come into play if you stray off, they serve as bunkers for the 6th and 9th holes. Your second shot here will most likely be played with a longer iron so an accurate shot is required, there is one bunker at the green on the left that has to be avoided. Anything shot landing short of the green will give you a good chance at par as the green here is fairly flat with the exception being the back left corner which is built up higher than the rest of the green.

Metacomet Country Club 6th TeeMetacomet Country Club 6th FairwayMetacomet Country Club 6th Green





7th Hole 161 yds Par 3 – A good part three hear your tee shot is downhill to green guarded by one bunker front left and one bunker on the right side. The tee gives you a good vantage to Metacomet Brook and out further to Metacomet cove.  The green itself has lots of slope on it so your tee shot must be accurate to have a good chance at par or birdie, any put outside 25ft here is tricky and hitting it close doesn’t mean an automatic birdie you need a good shot and put in order to work for a birdie.

Metacomet Country Club 7th Tee

Metacomet Country Club 7th Green






8th Hole 365 yds Par 4 – This is a short par four that doglegs 90° to the left. Your tee shot must carry over the fairway bunker 150 yards from the tee on the left. You’re aiming point is between the last house on the left and the tower on the right. For the shorter hitters who can’t carry 175 yds safely you should aim right of the bunker, there is plenty of fairway just past the bunker. Your second shot is over a small gulley to a green guarded by four bunkers. The green itself is roundish and is for the most part flat.

Metacomet Country Club 8th TeeMetacomet Country Club 8th FairwayMetacomet Country Club 8th Green





9th Hole 463 yds Par 5 – A straightaway par 5 here and one that requires a straight drive, from the tee the fairway looks rather tight, given the fact that it is reachable with two good shots its a good defense on this hole. If your drive can find the fairway your second shot to the green shouldn’t present too much trouble there are 6 bunkers around the 75-100yd mark left and right that need to be avoided but other than those there isn’t a lot of trouble as long as you can avoid the trees. The green has two small on the left that are below the putting surface and the green itself is small and narrow with the back of the green being elevated.

Metacomet Country Club 9th TeeMetacomet Country Club 9th FairwayMetacomet Country Club 9th Green





10th Hole 225 yds Par 3 – The two par three’s on the back nine at Metacomet will test your long iron or hybrid skills, both par 3’s are over 220 yds long and require a good shot just to reach the green. Your tee shot on the tenth hole requires a carry of 210 yds over a gulley to reach the green level. The green is guarded by 3 bunkers left and right that catch any stray shots and the green itself has minimal undulation.

Metacomet Country Club 10th Tee Metacomet Country Club 10th Green






11th Hole 374 yds Par 4 – Make sure you use a white ball here as the fairway serves a double purpose as the warm up range, you’ll find lots of yellow range balls strewn throughout the fairway from people using warm up tee near the 10th tee.  There are two bunkers left and right to catch tee errant shots, the best line off the tee is over the bunker on the left giving you the best angle for your second shot. Your second shot into the green here is guarded by two bunkers left and right. The green has undulation in the left corners and back right corner. The safest shot here is to aim at the middle of the green giving you a uphill putt to pins located in the corners of the green.

Metacomet Country Club 11th Tee Metacomet Country Club 11th Fairway






12th Hole 243 yds Par 3 – Although a long par 3 this hole give the player a chance to run his shot onto the green if they cannot carry it to the green. This was Donald Ross’ philosophy when designing a course. The green has a wide opening and there is plenty of fairway here if you can’t get to the green. The green has two bunkers left and right that can be in play if your shot is offline. The green is round in shape and is fairly flat, there are red hazard stakes over the back of the green.

Metacomet Country Club 12th Tee







13th Hole 422 yds Par 4 – This hole is straight away, although you can only see a small portion of the fairway from the tee there is lots of room. Your aim point off the tee is the two bunkers on the left side of the fairway near the green. The second shot into the green here is guarded by two bunkers left and right of the green and one on the right short of the green.

Metacomet Country Club 13th Tee







14th Hole 447 yds Par 4 – The longest hole at Metacomet your tee shot here is straight aiming at the purple tree on right will set you up with a shot down the middle of the fairway. There is a hill starting at around 225yds off the tee that if you can get to you’ll gain extra yardage on your drive. Your second shot will most likely be played with a mid to long iron, there are two bunkers on the left side short of the green that should be avoided, there is no trouble if you go right here. The green has lots of undulation on the left and back sides and make for the toughest to get to pin locations. The front right is the lowest part of the green here but there is enough slope where its sloping from back to front as well.

Metacomet Country Club 14th Tee Metacomet Country Club 14th Fairway Metacomet Country Club 14th  Green





15th Hole 387 yds Par 4 – This hole is straightaway, your tee shot here is uphill and has trees on both sides of the fairway. There are three bunkers on the right side that may come into play for the shorter hitters. Your second shot into the green here has to been flown onto the green there is no run up area at the front of this green. The green is guarded by 2 bunkers left and right that run from the front to the middle of the green and one bunker short middle. The green itself slopes from back to front here so leave you ball short of the pin.

Metacomet Country Club 15th Tee Metacomet Country Club 15th Green






16th Hole 347 yds Par 4 – A birdie on this short par 4 is a possibility, this hole is straight away and the fairway is generous.  A good tee ball here will leave you a short iron or wedge into the green here. The second shot to the green here is fairly easy, there are two bunkers at the green on either side and three bunkers short of the green to catch any shots short of the green or shots coming out of the tree’s.  The green itself has a small bowl center right and slope around the edges making putting a challenge.

Metacomet Country Club 16th Tee Metacomet Country Club 16th Fairway






17th Hole 406 yds Par 4 – Your tee shot here is hit from an elevated down to a fairway that narrows at the dogleg of this hole. There are four fairway bunkers on the right side that come into play for the shorter players. Your aim point here is between the two trees on the dogleg and the closer you can stay to the left side of the fairway the shorter second shot. Your second shot is uphill and requires an extra club to reach the green. There is a fairway bunker 75 yds from the green that catches any shots short of the green or any shots that may find trouble off the drive. The green is round in shape and doesn’t have any bunkers guarding it.

Metacomet Country Club 17th Tee Metacomet Country Club 17th Fairway






18th Hole 351 yds Par 4 – The final hole at Metacomet is a short downhill hole, you tee off from the top of a hill and hit down onto the fairway below. You can take either take a driver and get it close to the green or lay back and have a longer shot in. Your second shot is hit uphill to a green guarded by three bunkers at the front of the green and one bunker on the left back of the green. Make sure to take enough club to clear the front bunkers as there are deep and take a good shot to get out of. The green has two distinct levels and its important to hit on the right level to give yourself the best chance at par or birdie.

Metacomet Country Club 18th  TeeMetacomet Country Club 18th Fairway

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