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Castlegar Golf Club Course Review

Castlegar Golf Club was founded in 1963 when the first nine holes was built the second nine was added around five years later. Its situated on a large plateau above the Columbia river and up against the side of some very tall mountains. Even though the course is only 60 years old it has the definite feel of a golden age Donald Ross course. Like Ross’s designs, this course has sloping fairways both right and left, uphill and downhill. Golfers are forced to hit shots left and right off the tee and you won’t find a flat putt anywhere on the course. The greens have a lot of slope in them but they are very fair. Castlegar has hosted four British Columbia Amateur Championships in its 60 year existence and is one of the hidden gems of Kootenay golfing scene. If you get a chance to play here you won’t be disappointed in what the course has to give you.

Hole Descriptions

1st Hole- 456 yds – Par 4 – This is one tough opening hole to start your day, your tee shot should be aimed at the tree in the middle of the fairway, only the longest players can hit it past this tree so the best shot for the shorter hitters is right giving the best angle at seeing the green. Your second shot it slightly downhill to a large green that has many subtle slopes on it.

Castlegar 1st Tee

Castlegar 1st Fairway






2nd Hole – 512 yds – Par 5 – The most scenic hole on the golf course, your tee shot here must be down the left side of the fairway for any chance at a second shot. Down the right your ball will most likely end up in the trees or the fairway bunker, any shot in the bunker is usually a chip out sideways. Your second shot here is hit down into a valley 75ft below the fairway. If you want to take a picture this is the best spot to take one. Your third shot is to a very undulating green guarded by a bunker on the right of the green. Missing the green here and you will have to work to get up and down for your par.

Castlegar 2nd Tee

Castlegar 2nd Fairway

Castlegar 2nd fairway




3rd Hole – 364 yds – Par 4 – This is one of those golden age holes that looks like it was made in the 20’s. You hit your tee shot from an elevated tee down into an S shaped fairway that slopes back uphill at the 140 yd mark. There is lots of room left on the fairway here and any ball hit to the right of the fairway will bounce towards the middle of the fairway. Your second shot is 25 ft uphill, depending on how far you hit it you’ll be able to see more of the pin. The green has a deep bunker guarding the left side of the green and the left back has a steep hill going away from the green.

Castlegar 3rd Tee

Castlegar 3rd Fairway

Castlegar 3rd Green




4th Hole – 192 yds – Par 3 – A short hole water guards the right side of the green and the front has a reverse bowl the repels shots to the sides. Best shot is to miss long here for the best chance at birdie.

Castlegar 4th Tee

Castlegar 4th Green





5th Hole – 495 yds- Par 5 – At less than 500yds this hole is tempting to try to take on, your tee must carry the right corner of the fairway for any chance at going for the green. Your second shot is hit to a plateau 25 ft above the fairway, the best point of reference here is to hit between the two giant trees left and right. The third shot is fairly straightforward here to a receptive green and a birdie is a distinct possibility if you can hit three good shots.Castlegar 5th Tee Castlegar 5th Fairway Castlegar 5th Fairway Castlegar 5th Green



6th Hole 313 yds – Par 4 – Another classic hole at only 300 yds the long players are tempted to go for the green. For mere mortals a shot to the 100 yd marker will set up good chance to hit this green. The fairway has two very large mounds that run at 45 degrees to the fairway so a tee shot down the middle may deflect any direction here. This is another great example of a Donald Ross course where luck is an integral part of your game.

Castlegar 6th Tee

Castlegar 6th Fairway

Castlegar 6th Green




7th Hole – 400 yds – Par 4 – This hole is straight all the way to the green keep it down the middle for the best shot at hitting the green, its not overly long and the fairway is very generous here, its the second shot that makes the hole here. The green rises above the fairway so any missed shots around the green have to deal with the extra elevation on their chip shots.

Castlegar 7th Tee

Castlegar 7th Fairway

Castlegar 7th Green




8th Hole – 217 yds – Par 3 – A challenging par 3, this hole requires an accurate shot as the green depth and length is on the smaller side. Your tee shot is hit over a small bowl to a green sitting on top of a rise. The hole doesn’t have any bunkers so if you miss the green you will have a good chance at an up and down.

Castlegar 8th Tee






9th Hole – 447 yds – Par 4 – The toughest hole on the golf course and the longest par 4. Your tee shot here must stay close to the biggest tree on the right to have a good angle into the green. Your second shot is uphill and into a reverse bowl green that has lots of slope from the back to the front of the green. Its best to stay below the hole here as anything from above the hole will have to contend with the slope of the green. The good news here is that there are no bunkers around the green here so any shot not finding the green has a chance to get up and down.

Castlegar 9th Tee

Castlegar 9th Fairway





10th Hole – 409 yds – Par 4 – As soon as you step on the tee here you feel a little claustrophobic as tree’s line the fairway all the way to the green. Any tee shot finding the left side of the fairway here will bounce towards the middle of the fairway. Your second shot is downhill to a green guarded by two bunkers left and right. The left bunker is elevated above the green so avoiding that one is a must.

Castlegar 10th tee

Castlegar 10th Fairway





11th Hole – 382 yds – Par 4 – This dogleg right hole will test your accuracy, a good shot here will hug the right treeline or if your brave you can cut the corner by going over the trees. Any tee shot left here may find the trees and trouble beyond. Your second shot is downhill to a smallish plateau green, take one less club here and avoid the right and left of the green.

Castlegar 11th Tee

Castlegar 11th Fairway

Castlegar 10th Green





12th Hole – 138 yds – Par 3 – This a beautiful short par 3 that is surrounded by large pines. The trouble here can be found on the bunker short right of the green. The green itself is one of the flattest on the golf course and a birdie is a real possibility here.

Castlegar 12th GreenCastlegar 12th Tee





13th Hole – 479 yds – Par 5 – This reachable par 5 is setup by the drive avoid bunkers left and right to a have a real shot at the green. The fairway slopes from right to left here so keeping your drive and second shot right is imperative. Your second shot can go for the green or lay up, the best layup shot is on the right side of the fairway as there is a large tree guarding the left side of the fairway. The green is guarded by bunkers left and right and the green itself slopes from the back right corner to the front left corner.

Castlegar 13th Tee

Castlegar 13th Fairway

Castlegar 13th Green




14th Hole – 418 yds – Par 4 – This is a straight away par 4. Your drive to a large expansive fairway anywhere is the fairway is fine on this hole. Your second shot is over a small hollow to a green that doesn’t have any bunkers on it. The green here is flat and doesn’t have much undulation. All in all you get a reprieve on this hole from all the intricacies on the other holes.

Castlegar 14th Tee

Castlegar 14th Green





15th Hole – 387 yds – Par 4 – On this gentle dogleg hole your tee shot is hit from a elevated tee box down into a flat area, the right side of the fairway is guarded by a lake that runs about 100 yds. Your second shot is back up hill about 10ft, you won’t be able to see the green here but the flag stick is visible. Stay away from the right side of the green as there is a large bunker that you can’t see also.

Castlegar 15th Tee

Castlegar 15th FairwayCastlegar 15th Green




16th Hole – 524 yds – Par 5 – A dogleg right par 5 that is reachable for the longer hits, keep your tee shot down the right side of the fairway but be aware that any stray shot will find the trees. This hole doesn’t have any bunkers on it so there is not added hazards beside the trees that line both sides of the hole. The green is fairly flat just avoid going right as the green is slightly elevated on the right side.

Castlegar 16th TeeCastlegar 16th Fairway

Castlegar 16th Green





17th Hole – 19 yds- Par 3 – This short uphill par 3 has lots of slope around the green, from the tee you can’t see the green. There is a bunker on the left side of the green that is only half visible from the tee.

Castlegar 17th Tee Castlegar 17th Green





18th Hole – 410 yds -Par 4 – The finishing hole at Castlegar Golf Club is a great hole to finish a tournament on it has natural amphitheater behind the hole and is a stern test to boot. The fairway slope from right to left here so a drive aimed at the right side fairway bunker will bounce towards the middle of the fairway. Your second shot to the green is guarded by two bunkers left and right that must be carried in order to hit the green. The green is fairly large and has some undulation.

Castlegar 18th TeeCastlegar 18th FairwayCastlegar 18th Green


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