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Bandon Preserve – Course Description

The Bandon Preserve course is a unique 13 hole par 3 course that has some of the best views at the Bandon Dunes resort. The course is situated on the Bandon Trails side of the resort and can be seen from the Bandon Dunes course. The course itself starts on top of a hill in the sand dunes and gently winds its way down to the tree line close to the ocean. The holes here vary in length and are all great fun with some very unique and fun greens, expect to get some lucky and unfortunate bounces on the greens. The other unusual aspect about Bandon Preserve is you can go by yourself or in a group as large as 14. The course makes for endless fun with the more people you have in your group. There is a snack bar that serves drinks located close the 3rd, 8th and 11th hole. All net proceeds of rounds at Bandon Preserve go directly to the Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, an organization that supports conservation, community and economy on the southern Oregon Coast


Hole Description and Pictures

1st Hole 134 yds Par 3

The opening hole is one of the longer holes if you can avoid the two bunkers you’ll have a good chance at birdie here for a pin at the front over the bunker of the green play it off the bank on the right.

Bandon Preserve 1st Tee Bandon Preserve 1st Green







2nd Hole 150 yds Par 3

The longest hole at Bandon Preserve. The two large bunkers left can come into play if its windy out. There are backboards up the right side of the green and the back left that will shoot you balls toward the center of the green. The green slopes in general from back to front here.

Bandon Preserve 2nd Tee Bandon Preserve 2nd Green







3rd Hole 87 yds Par 3

This hole is just a shorty at just under 90 yds. This hole is fairly simple just avoid the bunker on the right side of the green. There’s a nice sideboard on the left side that can kick your ball back onto the green.

Bandon Preserve 3rd Tee Bandon Preserve 3rd Green







4th Hole 118 yds Par 3

This is a downhill hole stay short of the bunkers middle back of the green and if the pin is located far left you’ll have to bend your shot around the over or around the large dune guarding the front left corner of the green. There is a nice backboard between the bunker on the left and the middle bunkers if you shot happens to go long.

Bandon Preserve 4th Tee Bandon Preserve 4th Green







5th Hole 142 yds Par 3

Perhaps the most intimidating tee shot at Bandon Preserve, its downhill all the way to the green and there is a steep drop off at the back of the green that running from the left side to the right center of the green. Play your shot out to the right side to avoid all the trouble, you won’t have a long distance putt.

Bandon Preserve 5th Tee Bandon Preserve 5th Green







6th Hole 131 yds Par 3

This hole usually plays into the wind and with the three bunkers short and left this hole can be very tough. If you don’t want to chance a direct route at the pin play it off the back on the right, you ball should kick all the way back onto the green depending on the bounce you receive.

Bandon Preserve 6th Tee Bandon Preserve 6th Green







7th Hole 147 yds Par 3

Your tee shot at the 7th is hit to an elevated green. There is a false front that will repel your ball if you don’t reach the green, the best advice is to take more club than you need to get your ball over the false front. There is a sideboard in the back left of the green that will your ball back onto the green use it the pin is in the back left corner.

Bandon Preserve 7th Tee Bandon Preserve 7th Green







8th Hole 63 yds Par 3

The shortest hole at Bandon Preserve, the green is shaped like a bunch bowl and any shot landing around the edges of the green will bounce towards the middle of the green. You’ll have to hit your shot high enough to get of the dune guarding the green so go left or right and long depending on where the pin is placed.

Bandon Preserve 8th Tee Bandon Preserve 8th Green







9th Hole 134 yds Par 3

This downhill hole can be tricky when the wind is off the ocean but at least you have one of the best views at the resort in front of you.  The play here is to the left side of the green avoiding the bunkers and rough on the right side

Bandon Preserv 9th Tee







10th Hole 120 yds Par 3

You’ll have a good chance at birdie here, the only trouble you’ll find here is if you miss the green you may have a difficult chip. There are lots of little mounds to deflect your ball in every direction here.

Bandon Preserv 10th Green







11th Hole 142 yds par 3

The hole requires a carry over the embankment that runs down the left side up until the front of the green. A safe shot here is to aim at the right portion of the green. The wind is usually is with you are from the left so it should help with keeping your ball right. The green complex has two levels to it one front and one back.

Bandon Preserv 11th Tee Bandon Preserv 11th Green







12th Hole 132 yds Par 3

This hole plays slightly downhill. There are two bunkers guarding the front left and right corners, once past them there isn’t a lot of trouble here. The green is situated in a bowl so a lucky bounce could find you on the green.

Bandon Preserv 12th Tee Bandon Preserv 12th Green







13th Hole 109 yds Par 3

The last hole at Bandon Preserve is a good hole to place a closest to the pin bet. If you take a caddy, they will most likely go first and show you how to play the hole.  Ever try a putter off the tee on a par 3.  wink wink… For those who want to play it the conventional way you’ll need an accurate shot in order to hit the green.


Bandon Preserv 13th Tee Bandon Preserv 13th Green

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