Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The Future of Golf

Book Reviews The Future of Golf This book is written by Geoff Shackelford, its details the past, present and future of golf and where its going. It has accounts of why golf is seen to be in decline around the globe and also takes a very close hard look at the USGA stance on technology and how its driving away new golfers and rising the prices of golf course fees. Anyone who really cares about the game we love should read this book. Click on the picture to a link to buy the book on amazon, it’s the best golf book under $10 you’ll find






Golf Has Never Failed Me

Book Reviews Golf Has Never Failed Me This book is about the lost commentaries on Donald Ross. The book is about his design philosophy and the standards that he designs by.  Donald Ross covers virtually every aspect of designing a golf course including choosing the appropriate site and designing a course that all golfers of every ability will enjoy playing.







Sand and Golf – How the Terrain Shapes The Game

Book Reviews Sand and Golf - How the Terrain Shapes The Game The book is about golf courses built on sandy soil and how the game has so much more strategy and variety on sites that play hard and fast. It explores what makes a sandy site so good for golf courses and what role nature plays in developing and shaping sand dunes. George Waters goes into detailed description of every and all aspect of what makes a links course from the tee to the green and all things the curve balls that nature adds.




An American Caddie in St Andrews

Book Reviews An American Caddie in St Andrews As luck would have it I picked this book up at the Harvard Coop while out with some friends from Boston. This book is about Oliver Horovitz’s life at St Andrews caddying, girls and the time spent with his Uncle Ken. Its a great read about having to learn the ropes before fitting into the closely guarded caddie clique and how his heart strings always have him thinking about St Andrews while attending Harvard. I remember a scene from Field of Dreams “Once a place touches you like this, the wind never blows so cold again. You feel for it, like it was your child.” I think this quote best describes Oliver’s book.





Alister MacKenzie’s Cypress Point Club

Book Reviews Alister MacKenzie's Cypress Point ClubThis book is about the creation of Cypress Point Golf Club, its gives a detailed account of the founders involved and what it took from an architectural standpoint to design and develop the course on which it sits today. Many people may not know that Seth Raynor was the architect first commissioned to design Cypress Point but he died before he had a chance to work on the course, that left Marion Hollins to pursue Alister Mackenzie for the design of the club. In the end he created his finest work and his masterpiece. The book goes through holes 1-18 and has detailed pictures of every hole from when it was first created. The pictures taken of Cypress Point remind me of Bandon Dunes and how the course is set within the sand dunes of the area.


Golf Architecture A Worldwide Perspective Volume 1

Golf Architecture A Worldwide Perspective Volume 1

Golf Architecture A Worldwide Perspective Volume 1 is a must read for golf architecture enthusiasts, Paul Daley the author of the series of 6 books with the same title investigates the different philosophies of golf architects from around the world past and present. It explores the history of golf and how St Andrews played a major role in golf architecture for the modern design.




Bandon Dunes Golf As It Was Meant To Be

Bandon Dunes BookAnyone who hasn’t been to Bandon Dunes may want to pick this book if they are planning a trip to Bandon, this book is filled with pictures of every hole at the resort as well as how the courses came to be. This history of the making of the courses are equally as good as the pictures. This book is a good window into the genius and creative vision of Mike Keiser, the architects involved in the design and creation of the 5 courses at Bandon.





How to Play the Worlds Most Exclusive Golf Clubs

This book is about the John Sabino’s story about playing the top 100 courses in the world and what it took to get on some of the courses. His story of how he got to play Morfortaine is one of persistence, it took him 5 degrees of separation to get on and shows you if your trying to complete THE list a bit of luck is always needed.  John’s story about play National Golf Links have made me want to play it even more now. Of course everyone is interested in his story of how he got onto Augusts and there are 2 chapters dedicated to this. I can see my journey of trying to play the top 100 in the world is one of John’s hopefully I can have the same luck as he has had. Perseverance in the key!!


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